The welzo Corporation's PURPOSE, MISSION, and VALUES are centered on giving social issues first priority because doing so will help usher in a sustainable society. To demonstrate our "integrated corporate strength," we seek to address a range of domestic and international issues.

welzo sustainability

Commitment to the Environment

Every living thing on Earth depends on the planet's resources to survive. welzo Group is a business that cherishes the "earth (soil)".

Product Proposal

  • Product Proposal
  • Product Proposal

We promote a plastic resource environment and provide environmentally friendly products. Specifically, we sell "Momikku," an ecologically friendly planter that contains about 51% rice husks, an agricultural waste product.

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Energy and Resource Conservation

  • LED Lighting

    At our three distribution centers, we use environmentally friendly LED lighting fixtures that reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Corrugated Cardboard Recycling and Usage Reduction Activities

    We are working to reduce the total amount of corrugated cardboard used by reusing some used cardboard, folding containers, etc.

  • Reduction of Paper Usage

    We are reducing the amount of copy paper used by promoting paperless office work.

  • Switching company vehicles to environmentally friendly cars

    To reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel, we are changing all company vehicles to environmentally friendly, low-emission, fuel-efficient ones.

Initiatives with Local Communities

  • Initiatives with Local Communities .01

    Participation in the "One Person, One Flower" Movement

    • One Flower,<br class='u-sp'> One Person Campaign

      One Flower,
      One Person Campaign

    • A flowerbed at welzo

      A flowerbed at welzo

    As a gold sponsor, we participate in the "One Person, One Flower Campaign." It's an initiative that aims to create a city with flowers by having citizens, companies, and local governments develop flowers in parks, on sidewalks, at work, at home, and in other places in Fukuoka City to enrich human connections and hearts, and increase the city's appeal and value. Therefore, Fukuoka City is participating in the "One Flower, One Person Campaign" as a gold sponsor.

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  • Initiatives with Local Communities .02

    Participation in the Fukuoka City's "Fukuoka Orange Partners"

    • Gardening tote bag<br class='u-sp'> that doesn't lose things

      Gardening tote bag
      that doesn't lose things

    • Gardening aprons<br class='u-sp'> that don't need to be tied

      Gardening aprons
      that don't need to be tied

    We are a member of Fukuoka City's "Fukuoka Orange Partners" initiative, which supports the city's efforts to become a dementia-friendly community. We have created and marketed "gardening tote bags that don't lose items" and "gardening aprons that don't need to be knotted" as a specific endeavor based on a universal design that is simple for anybody to use and incorporates the ideas of persons with dementia.

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  • Initiatives with Local Communities .03

    Operation of Rakuraku Garden

    • Planting seedlings<br class='u-sp'> (Western Sports Park)

      Planting seedlings
      (Western Sports Park)

    • Marigolds<br class='u-sp'> (Island City Central Park)

      (Island City Central Park)

    Established in Fukuoka City Park, "Rakuraku Gardens" are flower beds for people with dementia and elderly living in nursing care facilities. Gardening brings back memories of the past by touching the soil and getting outside in the sunlight. Hence, gardening is attracting attention as a "greening activity that anyone can do by themselves" because of its high affinity with dementia. To realize a society where people can "enjoy aging," we aim to create easy-to-use gardening products for everyone and opportunities to interact with people and feel a sense of fulfillment through gardening.

Educational Initiatives

  • Educational Initiatives .01

    Joint research with the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University

    • Inside the welzo research <br class='u-sp'>farm facility

      Inside the welzo research
      farm facility

    • welzo research farm <br>(Imazu, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City)

      welzo research farm
      (Imazu, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City)

    Even though the number of agricultural enterprises that support Japan's food supply is decreasing, the number of farmers is not growing due to the declining birthrate, aging population, and concentration of people in urban areas. Therefore, there is a need to create a farming environment that can secure a stable food supply and supply it to the market at a specific price. As a result, we are conducting research to develop a new "automatic cultivation system" that combines the scientific backing of the Graduate School of Agriculture of Kyushu University with our cultivation technology.

  • Educational Initiatives .02

    Cooperation with Kashiwagi Elementary School in Shinjuku, Tokyo

    • Edo traditional vegetables "Naito-Togarashi"

      Edo traditional vegetables "Naito-Togarashi"

    • Rooftop garden of Shinjuku City<br>Kashiwagi Elementary School

      Rooftop garden of Shinjuku City
      Kashiwagi Elementary School

    We are implementing the "Vegetable Forest" project, a rooftop farm using the rooftop of the elementary school.
    The project started with the goal of building sustainable urban agriculture, and in addition to the principal, Mr. Go Takemura, many students and parents have created rooftop gardens.

Work-Life Balance Initiatives

To be a valuable company trusted and chosen by society, we are strengthening our efforts to realize a highly transparent management and organizational structure and comply with laws and regulations. Specifically, we have established a "No Overtime Day," which encourages employees to take paid leave. In addition, we have formulated and implemented an action plan based on the Law for the Promotion of the Advancement of Women in Business. Also, to provide appropriate opportunities for employees to express their individuality, we provide opportunities for dialogue with supervisors (1-on-1 meetings) and support for club activities (up to 100,000 yen per year). We will create an environment where everyone can enrich their work and personal lives together.

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What we do for employment of people with disabilities

Our group company “Sun and Hope” established in June 1997 is Japan’s first 3rd sector company which employs many severe disabled people. We create comfortable working environment and equip friendly facility for people with disabilities to work at the factory. Also, we do not dare to fully automate the process so that each one of us can carefully produce high-quality products one by one. Currently, out of 55 employees, 25 people with disabilities (as of Jan. 2023) work at our company.
The welzo group will continue to contribute to the society by providing employees suitable workplace to be proud of our work and manufacturing best products that our customers can trust.