welzo Brand

Here are some of the brands and services that welzo is involved. We are engaged in a wide range of businesses, from the operation of a shopping site selling home and garden supplies, floral supplies, and home furnishings to developing a new business using IT / AI.

welzo Brand

Product Brands

welzo has a distribution and sales network in Japan and sells the largest number of items in the industry to retailers and large retail stores. Below is an introduction to some of our main products.


  • Herbarium


  • Fresh flower<br>arrangements and gifts

    Fresh flower
    arrangements and gifts

  • Preserved flowers

    Preserved flowers

Home & Garden

  • Liquid Fertilizers /<br class='u-sp'>Silica Gel

    Liquid Fertilizers /
    Silica Gel

  • Sprayer / Spray

    Sprayer / Spray

  • Fertilizers / Soil

    Fertilizers / Soil


  • Vermin Block / Cat Block related products

    Vermin Block / Cat Block related products

  • Slug Repellent Related Products

    Slug Repellent Related Products

Sales Channels

We have sales channels available to respond to consumer needs immediately. In addition, welzo's strength is its nationwide distribution network, which enables speedy delivery of domestically manufactured products and imports from overseas since it can deploy its distribution centers.

  • welzo BUSINESS

    welzo BUSINESS

    Introducing a barcode authentication function is the first wholesale EC service in the horticulture industry. This feature is exclusively for businesses involved with horticultural and floral products.

    web site
  • welzo STORE

    welzo STORE

    It is a mail-order site that opens stores in major e-commerce malls to meet the diverse needs of consumers and deliver a wide variety of products and services.

    web site
  • welzo FLOWER

    welzo FLOWER

    We process and sell preserved flowers, fresh flower arrangements, herbarium, and other flowers that add color to everyday life.

  • Umakazo-Kyushu


    This direct sales site delivers products you can enjoy the season, taste, and color that only Kyushu can offer.

    web site

Various Brands

We co-create with internal and external business partners and utilize IT and AI technologies. We are also actively addressing issues facing Japan by collaborating with internal and external business partners and using IT and AI technologies.

  • HAP°A


    With the theme of "Connecting People and nature", this brand proposes a new lifestyle with greenery.

  • Momic


    One example is our pot/planter, which contains about 51% rice husks. Although rice husks are considered agricultural waste, it's environmentally friendly and will help reduce the amount of plastic used in gardening.

    web site


    To realize a society that "enjoys growing old" through gardening, we aim to create easy-to-use gardening products for everyone and opportunities to interact with people and feel a sense of purpose through gardening.